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My baby's birthday was just yesterday, 10/10, writing this now at midnight. Kendra Glade, my love, took her own life on August 7, 2018. She was my heart, my best friend, she was the smartest person I'd ever met. She was gorgeous and inspired me so much. For her friends and for myself she was our cheerleader and forever supported everyone with their life endeavors including my art, she was the biggest fan I'll ever have. My baby. I miss you so so much. My heart's forever scarred. Life's no fun without you baby.

I started this piece a week or so after the tragedy, and I haven't been able to work on it in a while, mostly due to moving and work. I'll finish it soon though. This is a little snippet of the whole piece, still a work in progress. I added some textures and that decorative frame today...

Kendra was so talented and amazing, from criminal law, to drawing, to writing, to cooking, to composing songs, to singing and editing videos, the list goes on. She was a beautiful mind. The link for her youtube page is at the bottom, she had just started her page and got me excited to start my own. She was a huge help getting me started with building this whole website to begin with. Kendra was making these videos in her spare time at an unbelievably fast speed, she was teaching herself all these new techniques and was only getting started with what she was really going to be capable of.

I love you forever Kendra, my sweet baby. She would've been 35 years old. Gone far far too soon. I miss you, KG, 10/10/1983 - 8/7/2018. I'll never stop loving you, oh my baby.

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