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    Photography by Kevin Martin

  • Ned Ivory is a comic book artist, 

    cartoonist / illustrator and toy

    designer currently living 

    in Western Massachusetts.

    He is heavily influenced by both Disney and Japanese animation, combined with the intensity of 80's and 90's Heavy Metal Magazine art.  Ned grew up 

    inspired by Frank Frazetta and Sam Kieth as well as graffiti artists like Ewok, Tyke and Liam, which would spawn over to his love and appreciation for comic book artists like Humberto Ramos and Francisco Herrera and the iconic toy art of Joe Ledbetter.  Ned's high energy and love of lampooned roll-your-eyes humor and blatant based cynicism (Ned enjoys the sleazy dirtbag characters in movies) all come out in his artwork and stories.  From trailer-park-trash babes in yellow latex conversing with tall shady cigarette smoking business men, to ferocious looking nightmarish gut suckers tearing out of a decaying pig, to cute little fuzzball things from planet Shaboob, Ned's doing it all in his own identifiable style.

  • Growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, active outdoor play, exploring the nearby woods, drawing, watching cartoons, playing sports and going to school were the fundamental ingredients in the Ivory house.  With three significantly older brothers, his Nana and his Mom and Pop's around, Ned had plenty of non stop hilarious and righteous entertainment.  The arts would become Ned's primary passion.  Surrounded with amazing artistic friends and cousins, Fridays and weekends were for skating, playing drums in two bands, making movies and all-night sketchbook sessions, these times made him realize how badly he wanted to be a professional artist.  He earned his degree in

    Illustration from Pratt Institute in 2008, and quickly got an internship with Sprig 

    Toys in Fort Collins, Colorado.  He was hired full time later on as an on-site artist and moved there.  When Sprig was purchased by Wham-O in 2011, the

    decision was made by Wham-O to move Ned from the Rockies to bright and

    sunny Los Angeles, which happened in October 2013.  There, he designed toys, drew packaging art and graphics, painted models and did thousands of fun and 

    silly sketch's for the classic American toy company.  This work included 

    concepts for the famous Slip 'N Slide, which he had enjoyed as a kid, bringing

    his own fun and wacky ideas to the beloved summer backyard toy.  Since 2016 he has been devoted to his true passion full-time, getting jobs for his own lovably demented toons, working on comics, album covers, posters, 

    storyboards, and character designs. 

Ned Ivory Illustrator

Comic Book Colorist and Letterer, Sweetie Candy Vigilante, Osaka Pop Star, New York City, 2018-present 

  • Colorist for comic book series written by Zanne Cafiero and drawn by Jeff Zornow.  Work included colors for two variant covers.

  • Designed and produced variant cover for comic series


Comic Book Artist and Colorist, Gun Ghoul, Part 2 of Issue 5, created and written by Will Caligan, Alpha Dog Studios, Mcleansville, NC, 2018-present

  •  Randy Green, Part 1 artist

Comic Book Artist, Accursed:  www.accursedtales.com 2016-2018

  •   Artist and colorist for weekly web-comic, Kenney Broadway, writer and creator

CD Album Cover Artist, Jackson Whalan Music, Gravitas Recordings, Austin, TX 2017

  •   Created cover illustration for Ian Stewart, Jackson Whalan, These Aren't The Words You're Looking For

CD Album Cover Artist, sponsored by DRO Clothing Co., Denver, CO

  •   Created cover illustration for artist Loudiene, featuring Waka Flocka for album Shootamentry, 2017

Comic Book Colorist, Tank Girl, Titan Comics, London UK, 2016-2017

  •   Additional colorist for comic book series, written by Alan Martin and drawn by Brett Parson

Conceptual Artist, Toy Designer:  Wham-O Toys, Woodland Hills, CA 2012-2015

  •   Served as principal on-site artist

  •   Completed conceptual designs, original drawings, vector art and graphics for toys and packaging

  •   Served as lead designer for Slip 'N Slide, Slip 'N Slide Jr., Giggle 'N Splash and Tubby Time

  •   Produced concept and graphics for: indoor inflatables, Hula Hoop, Hacky Sack, Boogie Board, Snow Boogie and inflatable       sleds; Pop Bang ping pong ball gun, Ooze Blaster, Frisbee, Wham-O Super Kites, sprinkler toys, Wham-O Pool, Splash 'N           Score and other Backyard Games and inflatables; and Aqua Force and Arctic Force toys  

Conceptual Artist, Toy Designer: Sprig Toys Inc., Fort Collins, CO 2008-2012

  •   Served as principal on-site artist

  •   Illustrated children's books and games.  Created rough sketches and final pencils for "Story Building" books, Three Little Pigs   and Little Red Riding Hood

  •   Designed primary 2D style guides for Adventure Guides and Sprig Hollow, dinosaur and animal characters

  •   Designed and created final vector graphics for Sprig packaging and Sprig Toys booth for New York Toy Fair 2010, 2011


  •   Disney Pixar's Incredibles 2, background vector art, for movie-based toy line for Nitta Creative Co., 2017

  •   Venom (a symbiotic alien) poster for third annual Fort Collins Comic Con, 2017

  •   Superman poster for first annual Fort Collins Comic Con.  Published on the cover of the Fort Collins Coloradoan Ticket,             weekly entertainment guide, and as event logo on the web site, Fort Collins, CO, 2015

  •   Illustration and concept design of signature image and web site logo for Enrapture Studios, company producing science           fiction video games and films.  Los Angeles, CA, 2015

  •   Custom Logos:  J-Bot Logo Design, for Jamie Bradley Studios, UK, 2017; Crop Circle Studios, Los Angeles, 2014; Tyler's Place,   Fort Collins, CO, 2014; Learn-Love-Live Soccer, Surfside, FL, 2014; M10 Surf Boards, Santa Cruz, CA, 2012

  •   CareerWow! Cartoon series of promotional comic book style post cards, CareerWow!, Career Solutions Group, Fort Collins,       CO, 2013

  •   Poster and custom tee shirt for Zombie Fest, Turning Point Center for Youth and Family Development, Fort Collins, CO, 2013

  •   Principal artist for proposed iPhone App game, Monster Spotter, Pixel Rebel, Fort Collins, CO, 2013

  •   Art for proposed comic book, Ninja Doodle Jump, Ape Entertainment, San Diego, CA, 2013

  •   Fan commission for 8-page penciled comic book about Rome during reign of Caesar, 2012

  •   Born on December 28, 1984 - Great Barrington, MA

  •   Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, B.F.A. Art and Design, 2008

  •   Figural drawing classes, Camarillo Drawing Group, Silver Drawing Academy, Los Angeles, 2014, 2015


  •   Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Cintiq, Wacom Tablet, Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint, Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Word,   In-Design, Graffiti Art, Finished detailed spray painting of 3-D prototype models, Garage Band recording program

  •   Writing, producing, directing, editing and performing in comedy and film noir movies with friends; writing short stories;               drummer in rock bands; writing, producing and recording hip hop/rap music and  weird electronic noise






comic book art / storyboards / character design / concept art / toy design / vector art / logos


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